Plastic Total Produce


New Technology, New Value.

We contribute to the society and the future by sending out innovative products to the world
and continuing dauntless development effort as a core
for the excellent comprehensive technical strength of the plastic.

Our key principle,” Our first priority is the customer” remains unchanged for us.
We materialize the quest for customers satisfaction and employee’s happiness.

The 60th anniversary of foundation

We have celebrated the 60th anniversary since the initiation in 1960.
We continue to be highly-developed the total engineering system in the products design,
tool design and production, injection mold, spray paint, printing, and assembly.
In addition, we are going to aim at a global excellent company towards the 100th anniversary.

Top Message

Akiyoshi Kitamura

We have marked the 60th anniversary of foundation in April, 2020. Currently, we have a total staff strength of 215. We have grown to become aiming at the group consolidated sales of 18 billion yen included TOHO Vietnam. We really appreciate the guidance and support of its customers and the cooperation factories.

In the midst of ongoing the manufacturing globalization, we focus new technology development as a core using general technology in Japan, and improve the mass production organization of precision plastic tooling in Vietnam, in addition, build expansion of the China operation and thoroughgoing management organization starting on branch.

We refine our key principle “Our first priority is the customer” further by taking this occasion of the 60th anniversary of foundation, and do our best to satisfy 100% of our customer’s demands. We will appreciate your support and encouragement from now on.

Total Engineering System

We realize low cost and quick delivery by the total engineering system
which is consistent and performs all the processes of plastics processing
from product designs to tool designs, tool products, injection mold, splay paint,
silk-screen printing, pad printing, laser processing, assembly, inspection, shipment and transportation.

The business of your company is going to be accelerated by us, TOHO’s our own production system.

Corporate Information

社名 東邦工業株式会社
Location 1610, Mine, Annaka-shi, Gumma-ken, 379-0136
TEL:+81-27-385-1111 (representation)
Takasaki warehouse
220, Yawatamachi, Takasaki-shi, Gumma-ken, 370-0884
Representative President Akiyoshi Kitamura
Establishd April, 1960
Capital 50 million yen
The number of employees 180
Sales Volume 10.5 billion yen
Business Our business activities are concerned primarily with parts for personal computers, DVDs, cellular phones, printers, digital cameras, automobile parts, communication equipments, medical instruments, precision-industrial products, etc.,as well as the design of plastic products, the design and manufacturing of tools, injection molding, spray printing, hot stamping, silkscreen printing, ultra-sonic processing, laser processing, line assembly processing, the complete set assembling of home electrical appliances and business activities.
Banking Gunma Bank
Mizuho Bank

The core products of our company

The core products of our company are computers with high difficulty, such as personal notebook computers, digital cameras, and cellular phones, and precision plastic articles of mobile fields.

All the processes of plastics processing

In addition, we produce not only growing information and communications products, such as printed circuit boards, flexible bases, and printing resistance base, keypad switches, the LCD panel, and various liquid-crystal-display panels, but also aluminum and zinc die-casting processed goods, and acrylics decorative sheet.

Global Vision

general plastic producer and manufacturer

TOHO Global Vision

In our company which aims at plastic industry No.1, the product designing department which should also be called brains of our company is spun off a new company as TOHO engineering incorporated company into a separate company. And TOHO VIETNAM CO., LTD. was started as oversea manufacturing base of the tooling in August, 2004. In the future, we are going to expand global strategies on world-wide scales networks the headquarters which has been in business for 50 years with the advanced know-how of plastics processing as a core for a general plastic producer and manufacturer.

TOHO An-naka

TOHO Headquarters

Address: 1610, Mine, Annaka-shi, Gumma-ken, 379-0136
TEL:027-385-1111 / FAX:027-385-3333
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TOHO Vietnam

TOHO Viet Nam

TOHO Viet Nam Co. Ltd
Address:B-1 Thang Long Industrial Park, Dong Anh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.
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TOHO Philippines


Address:Unit F, Lot 3F American Road, Greenfield Automotive Park, Sta.Rosa, Laguna 4026, PHILIPPINES.
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